Timber Windows in Weybridge

Imperial Windows has been installing beautiful Timber Windows in Weybridge, Guildford and Surrey for over 35 years

Imperial Windows have been operating for over 35 years and have installed 1000’s of Timber Windows in WeybridgeWest End, Surrey, London and Berkshire. As a family run business we have gained a lot of knowledge with the glass industry, which allows us to offer our domestic and commercial clients the best Timber Windows out there. Our Timber Windows look great in both contemporary and traditional styles of homes as they are available in various styles, colours and glass effects. We have over 25,000 satisfied customers and take pride in our work. We always want to make sure that our customers are pleased with their installations, as we believe that a happy customer only becomes a loyal customer.

Why choose Imperial Windows for your Timber Windows in Weybridge?

Timber Windows are simply stunning. They add a distinctive look and character to any type of property. However what makes them so popular and what are the benefits of having this type of window?

1. Attractiveness – these types of frames look amazing in any home or property, however they particularly suit traditional structured buildings. All of our Timber Windows can be tailored to your home in order to match the layout and furniture. At Imperial Windows we have various types of woods such as mahogany, oak or maple which all achieve versatile looks.

2. Eco-Friendly – As timber is a natural material, this type of window frame is already eco-friendly.

3. Natural Insulation – Timber is a very insulating material, which helps retain heat within your home or property and lowers carbon emissions. In addition, over time Timber Windows can also reduce your gas bills.

4. Durable and Long Lasting – If your Timber Windows are maintained properly they can last for a very long time, even up to a lifetime as they are extremely wear resistant.

Contact Imperial Windows for our Timber Windows in Weybridge

If you have any further enquires about our Timber Windows in Weybridge then please call us on 01276 856611, or alternatively you can visit us online at www.imperialwindows.co.uk and Request a Brochure.

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