3 Reasons To Choose Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are not just the best option because they’ll save you money on your heating bill, but also because of their many other benefits. If you’re looking for a window that is energy efficient, stylish and cost effective then tilt & turn windows are the perfect choice. They offer plenty of features like noise reduction and soundproofing as well as UV protection; all of which make these exceptional windows worth investing in them. For more information about what makes tilt & turn windows read on!


We know that the windows in your home are a big investment, and you want to keep them looking great for years to come. Tilt & turn windows are designed with durability in mind so they can withstand years of wear-and-tear without needing expensive repairs or replacements. If you’re looking for a window that will last, tilt and turn windows are the way to go. They offer durability while also keeping your home comfortable regardless of the weather outside. 

Energy efficiency

If you’re considering  installing tilt & turn windows in your home or commercial building, don’t hesitate. These innovative window designs offer huge energy savings all year round by blocking out cold drafts when it gets too chilly outside and they let natural light in during the warmer months. 

Easy maintenance

If you are looking for a way to keep your property clean without hiring professionals, tilt & turn windows are the perfect choice. With this type of window there is no need to climb on ladders or other unstable objects when cleaning because you can open it from both sides, making maintenance easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to invest in something with long-term benefits and an attractive aesthetic though, tilt & turn windows may be the perfect fit for your home! They  will provide a stylish yet practical way to let in light and fresh air, they’re designed for easy cleaning, and are very durable. Get started on the process of installing them today by contacting our team of window installation experts at Imperial Windows!

Benefits Of Aluminium Windows

Whether you’re looking for a new window to replace your current one, or are considering adding windows to an existing property that doesn’t have any, aluminium is the way forward. This material is durable and long-lasting – providing excellent insulation against heat loss in winter months and keeping cool air inside during summer days. As well as being stylish, low maintenance (no need for painting) and energy efficient; it can be installed on almost any type of building structure including old brick walls without compromising their appearance. Read more and discover the benefits of investing in aluminium windows.


If you are looking to purchase windows for your home, aluminium is a great option. Not only does it look good and feel sturdy when you touch it, but it also offers excellent security because of its strength. You can be sure that an aluminium window will protect you from intruders or other sources of danger while maintaining the ability to provide natural light into your space.

Energy efficiency

Aluminium windows are a very popular choice for homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills. They also look great and can help increase the value of your property over time. If you’re looking to replace your windows (or doors) with ones that will keep you warm in winter, make sure to choose aluminium! Contact our team today if you would like more information about how we install these high-quality products or how they might benefit you.


The durability and longevity of aluminium windows are what make them so attractive for homeowners. They can withstand heavy winds, hail storms, and extreme temperatures without any damage to the window itself. This makes it a great investment when you’re looking for new or replacement windows in your home.


Aluminium windows are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that is customisable, durable and stylish. No matter what style of home you have or your personal tastes, there should be a range of aluminium window styles to suit any house design. If you want help picking the perfect one for your property please get in touch with our team today!

There are so many benefits to choosing aluminium windows for your home and we’ve listed just a few here. Aluminium windows are a great choice for new homes because they provide excellent energy efficiency. They can also be offered as an upgrade to existing homeowners who want to improve the quality of their home and reduce the amount of money that they spend on heating or cooling it. Convinced yet? Give us a call and request a free quote!

Timber Windows vs uPVC – Which Ones To Choose?

The  choice of window frame material is very important. It affects the look and feel of your property, its energy efficiency rating and even how much noise travels into the house from outside. There are many factors that go into deciding which material suits you best but it’s worth knowing about these two most popular options before making your final decision. Read more below!

Timber windows

Wood is a natural, renewable resource that has been used in the construction of window frames for hundreds of years. It’s also an energy-efficient material with many benefits to offer.  With their impressive appearance and thermal efficiency, timber windows are an excellent choice for any home. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of traditional charm or want the modern look, these windows will be perfect. 

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are a great choice for homeowners because they’re durable and require little maintenance. Because the material is artificial, there’s no need to worry about it decomposing in harsh weather conditions or becoming brittle over time. If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, choose a type of window that will last long into the future!

uPVC vs Timber Windows

uPVC and timber windows both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, uPVC windows might not be allowed in some conservation areas (although in most cases they’re permitted if their design does not differ much from the original one). If you care about the heritage of your property, or if you live in a conservation area where timber windows are required by law, plastic-framed windows are not an option. This is because they have been banned from being used as replacement window frames due to detracting from the appearance and heritage of buildings with timber windows. Consider this before making any decisions on which type of frame material will work best for your home’s needs!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to timber windows, UPVC windows may be the best option. They are usually less expensive than wooden window options and they offer many benefits that will appeal to homeowners who want their home’s exterior design to have more character. When it comes time to replace your old windows with new ones or if you need some help installing them in your current property, give us a call! We can provide affordable quotes on any type of window replacement project.

How To Match Windows and Doors To The Brickwork

The best way to improve the look of your home is by updating your windows. You can give a new sense of style and personality to your brickwork with matching windows, so it’s important that you get the right ones for you.  This blog post will explore some ways you can match new windows for your brickwork that will help you achieve a unified, classy look. Read on and get inspired!

Red brickwork

Remember, red brick can work with any colour scheme. For a statement door that’s the same shade as your house, consider using an earthy tone like dark green or navy blue on the exterior of your home for balance and contrast. If you want to create a more muted look, use white frames and borders around doors in warmer colours such as cream or beige. Whatever option you choose will undoubtedly add some class to your space!


Windows and doors for stone  homes should be chosen with the undertones of the material in mind. If you’re dealing with individual bricks, consider grouting color as well. Your goal is to create a cohesive look that reflects the natural hues of your home without overpowering it. Muted greens, like Chartwell Green or ivory tones will work best.

White bricks or render

If you’ve opted for a white exterior, there are many ways to create contrast and make your house pop. One way is with the colour of your door or window frames;. Try choosing  a complementary hue like blue or green – it will give passers-by something interesting to look at.  Alternatively, think about how much natural light comes into your home as this can change what colours work well on the outside of the building. For example, if you have an east facing front door that gets plenty of morning sun then cool pastel shades such as lilac could be just right. However, if most of your windows face north then warmer hues might suit better – yellow would be perfect!

To keep your home looking modern and stylish, it’s important to match the windows and doors colour to your brickwork. You can create a one-of-a-kind look by using different colours for each feature on your exterior – this will give you an edge over homes that have matching bricks, roofing material, window frames or doorways. Or, if you prefer a classic look, make sure you select the tones that match the colour palette of your home. If you need any more help, feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to help!

How To Maintain Composite Doors?

Composite doors can last for decades with little to no maintenance. With the right upkeep, composite doors will look great and keep you safe from intruders throughout their lifespan. Composite doors are made from materials that need very little maintenance. They will not warp, rot, or splinter like wood and they can be painted to match your home’s colour palette without the worry of paint chipping off over time. These features make composite doors a great option for homeowners who want an affordable way to update their exterior while also maintaining kerb appeal. However, even this extremely durable door requires some upkeep so read on to learn how to best maintain it.


Are you looking for a way to clean the frames and panels of your composite doors? If so, all you need is some warm water and a soft sponge. Use soap or washing up liquid on your chosen cleaning product then rub it around the frame and panel until they are completely squeaky-clean. This will remove any grit that has built up over time which could cause problems when opening and closing the door.

Maintaining the hardware

So, if you want your door to stand out and be the first thing people see when they come into your home, then make sure you keep all of its hardware in good condition. You can do this by wiping it clean with a dry cloth and buffing it to shine. Don’t ever use any strong cleaning agents as these will damage the finish on your door handles, knockers, hinges etc., which may even require them being replaced altogether! If you follow our simple tips for maintaining shiny doors and other hardware, we guarantee that everyone who comes over will comment on how great your house looks!

Caring for the glazing

Cleaning your windows is a great way to maintain the exterior of your home, but did you know that it’s also necessary to clean the small glass panes in doors? The same process works for these as well. Warm water and a soft cloth will do just fine! You can also use traditional window cleaner on external glass if needed. Once you get rid of any dirt and are able to see through the surface, finish up with some glass cleaner for shine.

If you have a composite door, make sure to maintain it regularly. Composite doors are designed to be maintenance free and easy to clean but they do require some upkeep for their appearance. Use some of our tips listed above or give our team a call if you have any questions.

3 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Doors

If you’re looking for a door that is durable, offers privacy and security, and can be easily customised to match the aesthetic of your home or business, aluminium doors are an excellent choice. With their sleek appearance and range of benefits (including being lightweight), it’s no wonder why they have become such popular additions in homes across the UK. Read our article and learn more about the benefits of these doors and see some of the reasons why it’s worth investing in them.


Your home is your most valuable asset. You want to make sure that it’s safe and secure, both for you and any family members who live there. They offer excellent security features that will keep out unwanted visitors and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Aluminium doors are strong, durable, and come with very secure locks. Plus, when you choose aluminium as your door material, not only will you be getting excellent protection but also an attractive finish that complements the rest of your décor beautifully! 

Aluminum doors are a great choice for your home or business. 

Energy efficiency

If you’re looking for a way to save money, decrease your carbon footprint and be energy efficient all at the same time, then aluminium doors might just be what you need

Aluminium doors are a great way to increase energy efficiency and save money on heating bills. They provide an airtight seal that improves insulation, reduces drafts and helps keep out outside noise pollution.

Excellent durability

When it comes to durability, aluminium doors are second to none. These doors won’t rust or rot and will keep your home safe for years with minimal upkeep. Aluminium doors are durable enough to withstand constant exposure to extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain or wind without showing any signs of wear and tear. So if durability is your priority when choosing a new door for your home or business premises then choose aluminium doors!

As you can see, aluminium doors offer great security and are also energy efficient, inexpensive to maintain, durable and low maintenance. The benefits of aluminium doors are limitless! If you want to invest in this exceptional product for your home, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you through the whole process of choosing the right option and will offer a free, no obligation quote!

Small Home Hacks: How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

There has been an increased need for more space at home post-lockdown. There are many reasons why people need to find more room in their homes, including children growing up, parents switching to working from home and even elderly family members moving in with their kids. 

However, if you are looking for suggestions on how to make your living space bigger without any major renovations or remodelling then this blog will be perfect for you! We have some great tips on how to maximize space while staying within budget so read on!

Create an open plan

We all know that living spaces are getting smaller and smaller. There is a growing trend of homeowners removing one of the walls in their homes to create an open space plan, which allows for more natural light and better flow from room to room. This is a great idea for those who can’t afford to build an extension or move to a bigger property. It also creates a sense of grandeur, spaciousness and contemporary chic.

Choose neutral paint colour

Do you want to add a sense of space without extending your home? Painting the interior white or neutral can do just that. Not only will it make your home look cleaner, but it will also allow natural light from outside to come in more easily. For example, if you have windows on two walls facing each other across the room, painting one wall with a dark colour and one wall with a lighter colour (white) will let both sides of the room get natural sunlight while still providing contrast between colours. You may be surprised at how much this small change can affect the mood inside your house.

Install bifold doors

If you have a patio attached to your house and you’re looking for an inexpensive way to open up the space, then installing bifold doors is a great idea. These doors provide much more natural light than traditional french doors, they are easy to maintain, and there are many styles available. What is more, they help create a sense of space and can transform the look of your home.

When you live in a small house, it can be hard to find space for everything. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! These hacks will help you create more space without extending or renovating. And they’re so easy to do on your own. Now go ahead and try these out and see how much more room you have in your home today!

How To Care For Timber Windows And Doors?

Timber windows and doors are a beautiful addition to any home. They also add value to the property because they tend to be more expensive than uPVC windows and doors. Not only do timber windows and doors make your house look aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide insulation for the inside of your home during the winter months and help keep it cool in the summer. 

However, with all of this good comes some bad as well. If not taken care of correctly, timber windows and doors will rot and warp over time due to lack of maintenance or improper installation techniques. This is why we have come up with a few tips on how to care for your timber windows and doors to keep them looking their best for years to come!

  • Clean them regularly

It?s really important to keep your timber windows and doors clean. Generally, for general cleaning use a soft cloth with water mixed with soap or washing-up liquid. To remove grease marks, you should use washing up liquid without any water then rinse it off again with clean water. 

  • Re-paint/re-stain damaged surface

A quick rule of thumb for timber is if it?s damaged, you should re-paint or re-stain the surface as soon as possible. If necessary, a filler may be used to repair any damage and provide a smooth surface for reapplying the finish coat. 

  • Take care of hinges and locks

First, check that the hinges on both sides of the door open smoothly with no squeaks or sticking points. If not, lubricate them with light oil from time to time. Second, clean off dirt and grime from handles/plates using a soft cloth (avoid abrasive detergents). Thirdly, don?t forget about window locks! Make sure these work properly!

As we discussed earlier in this post, there are many ways that wooden windows and doors can be maintained so they look like new year after year with just some simple maintenance steps. To keep your timber looking its best throughout the years make sure you take care of them by following these simple guidelines. And if you feel like your timber windows need replacement, contact our friendly team here at Imperial Windows and we?ll be happy to offer a free, no-obligation quote and professional, impartial advice!

Benefits Of Installing A Solid Roof Conservatory

A conservatory is a perfect way to not only draw natural light into your home but also add valuable living space which can be used for a number of purposes. 

With that being said, the type of roof you choose for your conservatory will drastically change its practicality and look. 

Designed to eliminate some of the flaws of a traditional glass conservatory roof, a solid conservatory roof is made up of tiles to provide added strength and durability compared to your conventional conservatory roof. 

But what are the benefits of a solid roof conservatory and why should you invest in one? 

Let?s take a closer look. 

  • Thermal-efficiency 

If you currently have a conservatory with a standard glazed roof then you most likely know full well that they tend to be too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. However, this isn?t the case with a tiled roof conservatory due to the greater insulation you are able to maintain a more constant temperature ? so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round.  

  • Adds value to your home 

We all want to get more for our money and this is where a solid roof conservatory shines. Not only will you save money on your energy bills but a tiled conservatory roof will make your home more desirable to potential buyers. This means when it is time to move on, your property can sell at a higher price. 

  • Noise reduction

Do you live by a busy road or a built-up area and are constantly bothered by outside noise when sat in your conservatory? Then a solid roof conservatory may just be what you need. A tiled conservatory roof will go a long way in reducing noise pollution ? keeping outside noise out and inside noise in. So you can enjoy your conservatory in peace and quiet. 

  • Security

You may have not even considered it but a glazed conservatory roof can actually be an easy target for burglars looking to get into your home. A weak conservatory roof will offer very little protection from break-ins ? leaving your home vulnerable. With a tiled roof conservatory, however, you can eliminate one possible entry point for would-be intruders. 

Choose a solid roof conservatory from Imperial Windows

As you can see, there are a whole host of benefits of opting for a solid roof conservatory as opposed to a conventional one. Not only will your conservatory be more secure, warmer and quieter but you can actually increase the value of your home ? making it a worthwhile investment. 

But before you go rushing to install one, it is important to choose a trusted conservatory installer to carry out the work for the best results. 

At Imperial Windows, we believe that there is no substitute for quality products and a first-class service which is why our expert team only installs products that are manufactured to the highest standards. For the last 40 years, Imperial Windows have been installing conservatories across Surrey, so we know a thing or two. By choosing us, you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands. 

If you?re interested in installing a solid roof conservatory in Surrey and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your options further.