At Imperial Windows, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of high-quality doors to meet your needs, including our exceptional composite doors. When it comes to choosing the perfect door for your home, our composite doors stand out as a superior choice. Crafted using a combination of durable materials, including timber, uPVC, and glass reinforced plastic (GRP), composite doors offer a host of benefits that enhance both the security and aesthetics of your property.

Our composite doors provide an excellent first impression with their elegant design and wide range of styles and colours to choose from. They are not only visually appealing but also offer outstanding durability and resistance to the elements. With their robust construction and advanced security features, composite doors provide a high level of protection for your home and loved ones.

Imperial Windows’ composite doors are designed to be energy-efficient, providing excellent insulation and helping to reduce heat loss, noise, and energy costs. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance and preserving their pristine appearance.

Whether you are located in Woking, Guildford, or anywhere in Surrey, our composite doors are the ideal solution to enhance the beauty, security, and energy efficiency of your home. Contact us today to explore our range of composite doors and discover the superior quality and craftsmanship offered by Imperial Windows.

Our composite doors offer flawless style and unrivalled durability

  • Unlimited design options

At Imperial Windows, we believe that your choices shouldn’t be limited. That’s why our doors offer you endless design possibilities and colour options.

  • Remarkable durability

Your front and back door have to withstand a lot throughout the year. That’s why it should be made of durable materials. Thanks to their innovative design, our composite doors provide unmatched durability to withstand whatever the elements throw at it.

  • Ultimate security

This type of door is arguably the most secure type of door you can buy. With its reinforced materials, the durability and strength, the composite door is one of the best options for security. This means you can rest easy knowing your home is best protected.

If you’re interested in a composite door in Guildford, Woking, Surrey or the surrounding areas, get in touch with our friendly team and we will be more than happy to help.

Or simply use our online quoting tool to design a door to your exact specifications and receive a free quote today.


Agate Grey


Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Matte


Black Foil



Chartwell Green

Cream Foil

Dark Blue

Dark Green

Dark Grey

Dark Red

Golden Oak

Irish Oak


Light Grey




Rustic Oak


Swamp Oak


White Foil






Charcoal Sticks












Pilkington Oriel Brocade

Pilkington Oriel Canterbury

Pilkington Oriel Coppice

Pilkington Oriel Laurel

Pilkington Oriel Texture Brocade

Pilkington Oriel Texture Canterbury

Pilkington Oriel Texture Coppice

Pilkington Oriel Texture Laurel






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