Timber Windows

A beautiful timber window like no other

Timber windows haveĀ  been a feature in homes for decades and today they still are a staple in homes.

Offering a traditional aesthetic and charm, our timber windows are modern-take on a classic window. 

Even with their impressive appearance, our timber windows don?t compromise on thermal efficiency. 

Why choose a timber window? 

  • Add character to your home 

There isn?t another style of window which has the same character as timber windows. Set your home apart and give your home that added wow factor. 

  • A and A+ rated

Thermal efficiency is crucial for any window. That?s why all of our timber windows are A and A+ rated, giving you  the highest level of energy efficiency. 

  • Naturally long-lasting 

Made from a natural material, timber windows have a lifespan unmatched by other materials. 

Looking for new timber windows in Surrey and the surrounding areas? Why not get in touch for more information and advice? 

Or simply use our online quoting tool to design your timber window to your personal preference and receive a free quote today. 


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