They say that your front door is the gateway into your home and it is usually the first impression that people have of your home. 

You may not realise it but the glass fitted on your front door plays an important role in the appearance and practicality of your door. 

A common dilemma when deciding which glass to have installed in your front door is between clear or frosted glass, with both having their own unique benefits.

But which is best for you front door? 

Let?s take a closer look at clear and frosted glass so that you can choose the right one for your front door. 


Clear glass




  • Maximises light 


Clear glass is perfect for drawing in maximum natural light into your home, creating an airer and brighter space. If you want to introduce a welcoming entrance into your home then clear glass is the right choice for your front door. 


  • Modern aesthetic 


In the contemporary home, clear glass has a sleek and stylish look which is an ideal match for front doors in modern homes. 



  • Lack of privacy 


If privacy is a priority for you then clear glass may not be the best choice for your front door as it doesn?t provide privacy and people are able to see right into your home.


  • Security


Clear glass in your front door can compromise your home?s security as would-be intruders are able to see any valuables that you may have left out, making your home a more appealing prospect for break-ins. 


  • High maintenance


If you are after a type of glass which requires little effort to keep your front door looking at its best then clear glass is not the ideal solution. This is because streaks and dirt are easily noticeable on clear glass, so a regular clean is needed to keep them looking in good condition. 


Frosted Glass 




  • Low maintenance


Frosted glass is extremely easy to clean and doesn’t streak easily. Your front door can look its best with minimal effort, the occasional wipe is all that is needed. 


  • Added privacy 


A major draw of choosing frosted glass for your front door is that it provides your home with extra privacy. This is because objects and people are blurred behind it, perfect if you have nosey neighbours or you don?t want passersby peeking into your home. Despite this, frosted glass doesn?t compromise on the amount of natural light it lets in. 


  • An elegant look 


Frosted glass can provide even the simplest of front doors an extra touch of class and elegance. Give your front door that wow factor with frosted glass.



  • Less natural light 


Although frosted glass still allows natural light in, it is not as effective as clear glass, creating a darker atmosphere. This may not give your home the first impression you desire. 


  • Condenses space


Another downside is that frosted glass makes space look smaller, giving the impression of a smaller home. 

Find a door specialist 

So, which should you choose? Well, that really depends on what you want to achieve. If you?re looking to create a bright and airy walkway then clear glass is the one for you, but if you want to create a more private space then frosted glass is the option you should go for. 

Whichever you choose to install in your front door, it is important to choose a door from a trusted supplier. 

At Imperial Windows, we have been supplying homes across Surrey for the last 40 years, creating a prestigious reputation that we are proud of. 

No matter how big or small your budget may be, we have a wide range of doors, suitable for all budgets. 

Here at Imperial Windows, we pride ourselves on providing each one of our customers with the highest quality service and supplying the finest products. 

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