Composite doors can last for decades with little to no maintenance. With the right upkeep, composite doors will look great and keep you safe from intruders throughout their lifespan. Composite doors are made from materials that need very little maintenance. They will not warp, rot, or splinter like wood and they can be painted to match your home’s colour palette without the worry of paint chipping off over time. These features make composite doors a great option for homeowners who want an affordable way to update their exterior while also maintaining kerb appeal. However, even this extremely durable door requires some upkeep so read on to learn how to best maintain it.


Are you looking for a way to clean the frames and panels of your composite doors? If so, all you need is some warm water and a soft sponge. Use soap or washing up liquid on your chosen cleaning product then rub it around the frame and panel until they are completely squeaky-clean. This will remove any grit that has built up over time which could cause problems when opening and closing the door.

Maintaining the hardware

So, if you want your door to stand out and be the first thing people see when they come into your home, then make sure you keep all of its hardware in good condition. You can do this by wiping it clean with a dry cloth and buffing it to shine. Don’t ever use any strong cleaning agents as these will damage the finish on your door handles, knockers, hinges etc., which may even require them being replaced altogether! If you follow our simple tips for maintaining shiny doors and other hardware, we guarantee that everyone who comes over will comment on how great your house looks!

Caring for the glazing

Cleaning your windows is a great way to maintain the exterior of your home, but did you know that it’s also necessary to clean the small glass panes in doors? The same process works for these as well. Warm water and a soft cloth will do just fine! You can also use traditional window cleaner on external glass if needed. Once you get rid of any dirt and are able to see through the surface, finish up with some glass cleaner for shine.

If you have a composite door, make sure to maintain it regularly. Composite doors are designed to be maintenance free and easy to clean but they do require some upkeep for their appearance. Use some of our tips listed above or give our team a call if you have any questions.