The best way to improve the look of your home is by updating your windows. You can give a new sense of style and personality to your brickwork with matching windows, so it’s important that you get the right ones for you.  This blog post will explore some ways you can match new windows for your brickwork that will help you achieve a unified, classy look. Read on and get inspired!

Red brickwork

Remember, red brick can work with any colour scheme. For a statement door that’s the same shade as your house, consider using an earthy tone like dark green or navy blue on the exterior of your home for balance and contrast. If you want to create a more muted look, use white frames and borders around doors in warmer colours such as cream or beige. Whatever option you choose will undoubtedly add some class to your space!


Windows and doors for stone  homes should be chosen with the undertones of the material in mind. If you’re dealing with individual bricks, consider grouting color as well. Your goal is to create a cohesive look that reflects the natural hues of your home without overpowering it. Muted greens, like Chartwell Green or ivory tones will work best.

White bricks or render

If you’ve opted for a white exterior, there are many ways to create contrast and make your house pop. One way is with the colour of your door or window frames;. Try choosing  a complementary hue like blue or green – it will give passers-by something interesting to look at.  Alternatively, think about how much natural light comes into your home as this can change what colours work well on the outside of the building. For example, if you have an east facing front door that gets plenty of morning sun then cool pastel shades such as lilac could be just right. However, if most of your windows face north then warmer hues might suit better – yellow would be perfect!

To keep your home looking modern and stylish, it’s important to match the windows and doors colour to your brickwork. You can create a one-of-a-kind look by using different colours for each feature on your exterior – this will give you an edge over homes that have matching bricks, roofing material, window frames or doorways. Or, if you prefer a classic look, make sure you select the tones that match the colour palette of your home. If you need any more help, feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to help!