The right door style can significantly enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and security of your home. Imperial Windows offers a comprehensive range of door styles designed to cater to various architectural preferences and personal tastes.

In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through Imperial Windows‘ door styles, highlighting their individual key benefits. Additionally, we will discuss the available colours and finishes and essential maintenance tips to keep your doors looking their best.

uPVC doors

UPVC doors are a popular choice due to their durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. They are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including woodgrain effects, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic. uPVC doors offer excellent insulation properties, helping to reduce energy consumption and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. They are also resistant to rot, warping, and fading, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are known for their strength, slim profiles, and modern aesthetics. They offer exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for various climates. Aluminium doors can be powder-coated in a variety of colours, providing a wide range of design options.

Timber Doors

Timber doors exude natural warmth, elegance, and timeless appeal. They can be customised and stained or painted to match your preferred style. Timber doors offer excellent insulation properties and are known for their durability, especially when made from high-quality, sustainably sourced timber. Regular maintenance, including painting or sealing, is necessary to preserve their appearance and protect them from moisture and UV damage.

Composite Doors

Composite doors combine various materials, typically a solid timber core with an outer layer of uPVC or GRP (glass reinforced plastic). This combination offers the best of both worlds, providing the aesthetics of timber and the durability of modern materials. Composite doors are highly resistant to weathering, warping, and fading. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes, including woodgrain effects, providing a realistic timber appearance without the maintenance requirements.

Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors feature large glass panels that slide horizontally on tracks. They offer unobstructed views, maximise natural light, and are space-saving since they don’t swing in or out.

French Doors

French patio doors are hinged and swing open from the centre. They provide a classic and elegant look, offering a wide opening and excellent ventilation. French doors are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and their ability to create a sense of connection with the outdoors.

Stable Doors

Stable doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top and bottom sections to operate independently. They offer versatility, allowing you to open the top portion for fresh air while keeping the bottom closed for security or to prevent pets or children from accessing certain areas. Stable doors are often chosen for their charm and traditional appearance.

Bifold Doors

Bi-fold doors are known for their ability to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a sense of openness and flexibility. Bi-fold doors fold away neatly to create an expansive opening, allowing for uninterrupted views and smooth transition between spaces. These doors are available in a variety of configurations, allowing you to customise the number of panels and the direction of opening to suit your needs.

By considering your specific needs, preferences, and the benefits offered by each door style and material, you can make an informed decision when choosing from Imperial Windows’ range of doors. Elevate the functionality, security, and visual appeal of your home by selecting the perfect door style that complements your lifestyle and architectural design.